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Funny Farm Dinner Feud


Smoked BBQ Ribs
& Country Fried Chicken 
Smashed Potatoes
Confetti Cake
Garlic Bread Stick 
Choice of Beverage

Two feudin’ Hillbilly families are recrootin’ their cuzins to help win the Feud…and YOU can be part of the Family!


You’ll meet the Stewarts and the Gibbs, two clans that have been clashing for generations. When their family reunions are scheduled for the same day, in the same building, crazy antics unfold! Enjoy hilarious games as the feud is settled for the day… until Cindy Loo Stewart and Leroy Gibbs are caught kissing! At the suggestion of the Reverand, the families decide to settle the feud once and for all – with some games. Audience members will be selected to play alongside the two families in a whacky and hilarious time. The rest of the audience will be hootin’ and hollerin’ as the two families use a test of hilarious Hillbilly skills to settle the feud!

You’uns will enjoy a homecooked meal while cheering on the families! So get yer Hillbilly on and come on out to The Funny Farm for a barnyard of laughs and acres of family fun!

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