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Hamners' Unbelievable


Dave and Denise Hamner present Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show….and more!


And their Branson show is just that! From the magic and illusion presented by this world renowned couple, to the award winning music and impressions presented by Jeff Brandt. Tamara Tinoco brings award winning skills with her vocal abilities, along with the dance routines brought by Kenny Brown and Sharie Nievar.  Unbelievable Variety at it’s best in these Branson Missouri shows!


Add the talents of Russian aerialist, the beautiful Mariya Serykh and the Cyr Wheel expertise of Anthony Soumiatin, and you’ll agree this Branson Missouri show IS  Variety with something to mesmerize the entire family. You can meet and greet the entire cast after the show. Along with their bevy of feathered, beaked friends is the newest member of our cast, Gakita the gorilla. Gakita is either an eastern lowland gorilla or a mountain gorilla, we don’t know which and Gakita isn’t talking yet, but you’ll thrill to her antics and family friendly nature. There is an opportunity to meet, greet and take a picture with Gakita, right here in Branson too!

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