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Titanic Branson


35 years ago the owner of the Titanic Museum Attraction, John Joslyn, co-led a Titanic expedition to the wreck site.

The team spent 44 days at sea, and they did 32 dives. Everyday the crew pays respect to the 2,208 passengers and

crew who were aboard the RMS Titanic.

* Receive a boarding pass of a real passenger or crew member

* Touch a growing Iceberg

* Crew in period dress attire

* Kids become Captain of the ship for the day

* Interactive areas

* Touch the 28 degree water

* See the world's largest Titanic model

* Over 300 artifacts on display

* NEW! Tribute to the Titanic Jewish Passengers

    Did you know there was a kosher Kitchen and kosher chef?

    Find out how Anne Frank's family has a tie to the Titanic.

Reservations Required. 

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